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Q: What area do you service?

While we do service the entire Bay Area, our main focus is our local Tri-Valley resulting in a $10 charge per 10-miles for locations outside of it's range.

Q: How much notice do we need in advance?

This rush requires an additional $20 as it takes the priority over the previous scheduled orders.

Please note:

All signs start at $80 

meaning even given 48-hour notice

AND being an"out-of-range" sign

it is still less than any of our competition for a standard order!

Q: At what time are signs dropped off/picked up?

Typically we will do all pick ups and deliveries around 10pm-12am. 
If another time is wanted please let me know when ordering and we'll try and make it fit!

Thanks for reading our FAQ! If you have any other questions feel free to send a message to us and ask, and as always, have a great day!

-Lydell A

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