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Q: What area do you service?

While we do service the entire Bay Area, our main focus is our local Tri-Valley resulting in a $10 charge per 10-miles for locations outside of it's range. $20 is automatically applied to any service outside of the Tri-Valley.

Q: How much notice do we need in advance?

This rush requires an additional $20 as it takes the priority over the previous scheduled orders.

Please note:

All signs start at $80 

meaning even given 48-hour notice

AND being an"out-of-range" sign

it is still less than any of our competition for a standard order!

Q: At what time are signs dropped off/picked up?

Typically we will do all pick ups and deliveries around 10pm-12am. 
If another time is wanted please let me know when ordering and we'll try and make it fit!

Q: Can I get a custom design or lettering printed?

We get asked a lot about printing custom lettering, to clarify - we are not a printing company and do not have access to a large printing press as these typically cost tens of thousands of dollars once all materials and space area accounted for. We are a proud family business that only is able to expand our inventory as our customer base increases. IN THE FUTURE, I hope we will be able to print anything requested.

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See You Next Time

Thanks for reading our FAQ! If you have any other questions feel free to send a message to us and ask, and as always, have a great day!

-Lydell A

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